Lille Flandres station hotel, the Grand Hôtel Bellevue opens its doors to a world of refinement.

The Grand Hôtel Bellevue is one of those Lille establishments that we love and return to with a passion. A hotel near Lille Flandres station, it is first and foremost a charming 4-star hotel.

Hotel near Lille Flandres station, the Grand Hôtel Bellevue will make you love the northern capital

Lille is one of Northern Europe's great cultural cities. Its rich historical past, its well-preserved heritage, its Old Lille where you can stroll all day long without getting bored, all this attracts tourists from France, but also from England, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. They all have one thing in common: to spend a weekend in the Grand Hôtel Bellevue, close to Lille Flandres station . This 4-star hotel offers many charming rooms, halfway between period decor and contemporary comfort. The mix of styles and choice of fabrics is an invitation to cocoon and procrastinate. Sleeping in a hotel near Lille Flandres station has never been so pleasant.

Lille hotel near the station, a gateway to the city and region

The Grand Hôtel Bellevue is perfectly located, just a stone's throw from Lille Flandres station. It's just 50 meters from the Grand Place . Then you're off to explore Vieux-Lille, with its shopping streets, cultural venues, party bars and historic heritage. The heart of Lille is this motley mix of past, tradition and bustling activity in one of Northern Europe's largest cities. Your stay at the hotel de la gare Lilles Flandres also means taking advantage of the hotel services available to make your stay perfect. From wifi in all rooms and common areas to buffet breakfast, from concierge service to dry cleaning, everything is designed to help you make the most of every moment at the Grand Hôtel Bellevue.

A hotel close to the Lille Flandres train station that's a great place to stay

The facilities of a hotel, and even more so when you choose a 4-star hotel, are very important. You come here to find a decor, an atmosphere, a personality. It's all part of the pleasure of staying in a hotel. This hotel at Lille Flandres station is one of those where people like to come back again and again. Of course, attentions such as a personalized welcome are perfect for a romantic weekend away. But it's not just a hotel for couples in search of romance. Rooms are equipped with courtesy tray, wi-fi, air conditioning, desk area and first-rate bedding, so everyone can find the comfort they want. This Lille train station hotel is ideal for families in need of space, for those who come for the big braderie, the Christmas market or to enjoy the city all year round.

Numerous services to make your stay in this Lille center hotel easier

Why go in and out of your room during your stay at this Lille Flandres station hotel without taking the time to take advantage of the hotel services on offer? They're the best way to make your trip to the Hauts-de-France even more enjoyable. A restaurant, a show, an outing? How about making life easier for yourself with the concierge service that will make these reservations for you? After all, you didn't choose a 4-star Lille Flandres hotel at random. Among the services on offer, you can't do without breakfast. It's the one that sets the tone for the rest of the day, and it's imperative that it's hearty, delicious, filling and can be taken at your own pace. That's exactly what breakfast at the Grand Hôtel Bellevue is all about. Last but not least, you'll appreciate the multitude of languages spoken on site, as well as the 24-hour reception. A true European crossroads, Lille is one of those cities that never stops. So you too can make sure you don't stop thanks to these reception arrangements.

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